LAD-1410 API / Import Hemmi
LAD-1215 Add registration date to the Private Customer/POA/Company/Organization
LAD-1475 Image duplication improvements
LAD-1382 Changing the filtering in product overview
LAD-704 Create API endpoint for ShopDeliveryWindow
LAD-700 Create API endpoint for ProductDeliveryWindow
LAD-957 Frontend - mandant - image processing status
LAD-1322 Optimize endless scrolling - product view
LAD-1473 Add rte text fields of terms and conditions, revocation and privacy statements for the POA when the marketplace is active
LAD-1074 New Menu item: E-Mail Texte
LAD-1514 Small adjustments in 'product on request'
LAD-1414 Home page for marketplace poas
LAD-1373 Optimize mobile view of mandant reports.
LAD-1436 In all Team slides: make it possible to copy users email-address and name
LAD-1367 Filtering by tag add in -> /mandant/poa
LAD-1389 Automatically hide the map at if longitude/latitude is not set for the POA.
LAD-1376 UX improvements in the mandate backend
LAD-1197 Create and insert placeholder graphics for pages that do not yet have content.
LAD-1061 Increase line spacing text block element
LAD-1310 Add marketplace icon in the POA table